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Due to the current Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis, we are facing unprecedented challenges.

It is now a matter of finding the right strategies and appropriate ways to deal with this situation and the enormous changes it brings.

Success in virtual teams

Each possibility of virtual work must be properly used to preserve human health and at the same time to maintain as many work processes as possible. A considerable number of people are currently working in the home office. Under these specific circumstances, managers at once face the enormous challenge of leading virtual teams - often in an international context. The right communication makes it possible to also virtually remain a real team.

Cooperation in the crisis

The current situation causes high-pressure for everyone. This leads to stress, communication problems and possibly also conflicts, and we cannot yet estimate the length of time ahead. However, a lot can already be done to support people as individuals and as a team in this difficult phase and to encourage them in view of the existing challenges

Shaping the future

There will be a time after the crisis and it is likely that our lives will have changed. Research shows that it is substantial for humans to predict the future even in times of crisis - to think from the future, so to speak. It helps us to become active and shape it ourselves. In this way, change management undoubtedly becomes an effective form of crisis intervention

I am happy to support you in the context of these fundamental changes.

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Experience, analysis, and commitment.

They form my basis of a successful change management.

My career in a worldwide operating group means that I'm in a position to thoroughly understand the structures and processes that exist in my clients' companies.

Additionally, my academic involvement in intercultural research projects provides a sound theoretical basis for my practical work as a consultant.

I cooperate in a close network with consultants from America, Europe and Asia. That broad, international interaction gives the right experience and resources to handle any task.

What I do, I do from conviction. Supplemented by passion, understanding, and a sense of humour.

Work experience

Since 2008
Freelance management consultant & executive coach

Since 2008
Visiting lecturer of intercultural business communication at Friedrich Schiller University in Jena and other universities

2001 to 2008
Management and leadership responsibility for People and Organisation Development, Management and Leadership Development as well as Change Management at Airbus in Bremen, Hamburg, Madrid, and Seville

Training and education

Dr Maren Lange; born in Aurich, Germany, 12 September 1971

Doctorate degree (Dr rer pol) based on intercultural research, Oldenburg and Santiago de Chile

Studies in economics, vocational and business education as well as German language and literature, Oldenburg and Singapore

Further qualification

International certified mediator & supervisor for mediators, Akademie von Hertel, Hamburg

Certified systemic organization consultant , Professor Dr Fritz Simon, Berlin

International certified intercultural coach, Kinast & Vermeulen, Munich

International certified coach and facilitator, AirBusiness Academy, Toulouse

International certified consultant for the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), OPP Institute, Oxford

Training & supervision with Prof Dr Alfried Laengle on value based leadership, Vienna

Certified coach for process and embodiment focused psychology based on Dr Michael Bohne, Hannover

Training on systemic concepts within coaching, Dr Gunther Schmidt, Heidelberg


My working languages are German and English. I also speak Spanish.

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